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Abelia 'Kaleidoscope'

This evergreen variety of abelia is low and compact with bright yellow variegated foliage displaying white flowers in the summer. Excellent choice for containers. Attracts butterflies. Can tolerate seacoast conditions.


Abelia 'Little Richard'

This evergreen abelia blooms white in late spring. Ideal for a foundation planting for under windows. Glossy green foliage turns orange in fall.


Abelia 'Pinky Bells'

The largest flowers of any abelia variety, blooming from mid-summer to fall.  Great in mixed borders and foundation plantings. Deer resistant. Deciduous


Abelia 'Radiance'

  • Beautiful variegated foliage is green with creamy white margins until winter when foliage becomes tinted with hints of pink and purple
  • White tubular flowers are sweetly fragrant
  • Evergreen, making this a perfect shrub for foundation planting

Abelia 'Rose Creek'

Lustrous leaves with a pinkish cast emerge on crimson stems, mature to dark green and turn purple-green in winter. Its compact size makes an excellent foundation, container or low hedge plant. Evergreen


Actaea 'Black Negligee'

  • Deeply cut, serrated foliage starts out green, maturing to beautiful dark purple
  • Blooming in the fall with creamy-white bottlebrush flowers that are fragrant. Flower stalks can reach 5 - 6 Feet
  • A standout in a shaded border, woodland or cottage garden
  • Soil needs to be constantly moist to wet
Agastache, Hyssop

Agastache, Hyssop

  • A must have in an herb garden
  • Leaves have an anise-like fragrance
  • Attracts butterflies


  • Mass plant as a colorful groundcover
  • Great for erosion control on banks and slopes
  • Plant in shady areas of lawns where grass is difficult to grow
Almond, Flowering

Almond, Flowering

Flowering almond is a beautiful small shrub that is covered in double pink blooms in the spring, with a light almond scent. A very desirable spring flowering shrub that is perfect for any landscape. Absolutely stunning in a patio container.



  • Good choice for wildflower or native gardens
  • Can tolerate medium to wet soil so will work well in a rain garden
  • A pretty cut flower
Angyo Star

Angyo Star 'Tree Ivy'

Leaves, shaped like a Sweet Gum leaf, are green with a creamy white border. This evergreen vine has a slow growth habit and makes a nice accent in a shade garden.

Arborvitae 'Emerald Green Spiral'

  • Bright two-toned green foliage
  • Excellent choice for framing an entryway
  • Must prune regularly to maintain spiral shape

Arborvitae 'Emerald Green'

Narrow, pyramidal evergreen displaying dense emerald green foliage. Holds its foliage color throughout winter. Excellent medium to large hedge or screening plant.


Arborvitae 'Fire Chief Globe'

Nearly perfectly globe shaped,this shrub has finely textured, bright golden spring foliage and beautiful deep red fall color. No pruning is necessary to maintain its compact, rounded form. Perfect for foundation planting, as a rock garden specimen, or massed in the landscape. Evergreen.

Arborvitae 'Franky Boy'

  • Dwarf evergreen with an upright form
  • Unique foliage is thread-like and golden that turns a striking bronze-orange in the winter
  • Great for a small landscape or an Asian garden

Arborvitae 'Golden Globe'

Bright golden-yellow foliage makes a striking, low evergreen hedge. Tolerates wet soil and seacoast exposure. Very adaptable and is cold hardy.

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