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Feather Reed

Feather Reed 'Karl Foerster'

  • Tolerates wet soil, so works well in a rain garden
  • Upright growth brings vertical accent to the landscape
  • Used for erosion control

Fern 'Christmas'

This fern has a neat habit and lustrous, nearly evergreen leaves. Often used in Christmas floral arrangements because it is still attractive in December. It is a wonderful companion for spring blooming bulbs. A nice addition to a shade garden.
Fern, Cinnamon

Fern, Cinnamon

  • Thrives in moist to wet shady areas
  • Plant in masses under tree canopies
  • Add to shade borders for height
  • Beautiful addition to water features
Fern, Japanese Painted

Fern, Japanese Painted

  • Deciduous fern with a weeping habit
  • Very colorful foliage
  • Great choice for some color in an otherwise green, shady area
Fern, Tassel

Fern, Tassel

  • Evergreen
  • Excellent for shady areas of a landscape
  • Deer and rabbit resistant

Fig 'Brown Turkey'

  • Especially tasty brownish-purple fruit produced twice each year, late spring and late summer.
  • Attractive deciduous tree has an interesting winter appearance
  • Deer resistant and seacoast friendly


Large deciduous shrub displaying bright yellow flowers early spring. Flowers appear before the leaves. When the forsythias are in bloom, you know spring is here! Forsythias make an excellent property boundary. If pruning is desired, do it right after they are finished flowering.


Forsythia 'Gold Tide'

  • Dwarf cultivar known for its spreading habit
  • Lots of light- yellow flowers in late winter, early spring
  • Great in a shrub border, on slopes, or trailing over a stone wall

Forsythia 'Show Off ' Sugar Baby

  • Blooms profusely very early spring for a display of beautiful yellow color
  • This dwarf variety grows upright 18 to 30 inches
  • Great for cut flowers
  • Deer resistant

Forsythia 'Show Off'

An excellent plant for mixed borders and foundations with its bright yellow, early spring flowers. This variety is a vast improvement over all. Now you can have your hedge tight and compact with very little, to no pruning. Beautiful in cut flower displays.

Fothergilla 'Dwarf'

Slow growing dwarf, deciduous shrub displaying snowy white, fragrant flowers in May. Brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red foliage in fall. Perfect for a smaller landscape or planted in a container.


Fothergilla 'Mt. Airy'

  • Deciduous shrub with deep blue-green leaves
  • Fragrant brush-like flowers appear in the spring, before the leaves
  • Beautiful fall color of yellow, orange and red
  • An American native for use in wet areas

Fountain 'Foxtrot'

  • Fast growing with bottlebrush, silver-red plumes in mid-summer
  • Beautiful orange-red fall color makes this a must have in the landscape, either as a specimen or mass-planted for a fall show of color

Fountain 'Karley Rose'

  • Provides excellent texture and contrast in mixed beds
  • Use as a specimen in a smaller garden
  • Attractive foliage and flower spikes that look beautiful when massed

Fountain 'Red Head'

  • Produces smokey, maroon colored, bottlebrush flowers in mid to late summer
  • Great in the landscape as well as containers
  • Drought and salt tolerant
Fountain Dwarf

Fountain Dwarf 'Hamelin'

  • Great choice for smaller gardens and courtyards
  • Lovely in containers
  • Nice contrast when used among perennial beds
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