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Hakonechloa Japanese Forest Grass

Hakonechloa Japanese Forest Grass 'All Gold'

  • Graceful, colorful groundcover for shady areas
  • Slender stems hold bright golden-yellow foliage having the effect of a tiny bamboo.
  • Great in containers or color accent in borders
  • Perfect for an Asian or Zen style garden
Hardy Hibiscus

Hardy Hibiscus 'Luna Series'

  • Excellent in rain gardens
  • Big beautiful flowers make this a nice specimen bush
  • Useful in low spots or wet areas of the landscape
  • Attracts butterflies and is deer resistant
Hawthorn Tree

Hawthorn Tree 'Winter King'

  • Excellent lawn tree
  • Good fall color and persistant fruit help provide year-round interest
  • Attracts birds and butterflies

Hellebore 'Lenton Rose'

  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Very early bloomer
  • Great along walkways
  • Evergreen, so makes an attractive year-round ground cover


  • Evergreen with maple-like leaves that have many color varieties
  • Fantastic fall color
  • Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds

Holly 'Drops of Gold'

Golden-yellow upper leaves and green underleaves makes this a nice colorful hedge. Also an excellent choice for a foundation planting. Plant in full sun for best color. Too much shade will revert leaves to green. Great container plant for either side of entryway.


Holly 'Jersey Pinnacle'

'Jersey Pinnacle' is a dense, compact evergreen with an upright growth habit and glossy, dark green leaves. Can adapt to sunny or partly shady areas. Prune any time to maintain size and shape. Great as a foundation plant or as a hedge.


Holly 'Blue Prince'

  • Make a nice hedge or specimen plant
  • Excellent pollinator for nearby female hollies, such as Blue Princess or Dragon Lady.
  • The beautiful blue-cast foliage is a perfect backdrop for light-colored plants

Holly 'Blue Princess'

  • A profusion of bright red berries fall thru winter
  • Use Blue Prince Holly as a pollinator for berry set
  • Makes a nice privacy screen or can be sheared into a formal hedge
  • Attracts birds

Holly 'Carissa'

  • An outstanding compact shrub with dark green, glossy leaves
  • Excellent for use as a low, evergreen hedge
  • Provides a lush green background for flowering plants

Holly 'Castle Spire' (female)

Compact and pyramidal  with dark green leaves. Red berries in winter when pollinated by a male holly such as 'Castle Wall'. Makes a nice evergreen hedge. Ideal as a specimen  for a smaller landscape.


Holly 'Castle Wall'

Compact and pyramidal, this holly can take wet to boggy soils. Makes a great hedge or foundation planting. Also makes a nice specimen for a smaller landscape. This is the male pollinator for the female holly 'Castle Spire'


Holly 'Centennial Girl'

This evergreen holly tree slowly forms a large dense, conical shape. Beautiful year-round with red berries in winter. No need for a pollinator for this variety to berry. However, a male pollinator in the area will produce more berries. Very cold hardy and drought tolerant.


Holly 'China Boy'

Vigorous grower makes an ideal hedge or low screen. Its dense branching habit takes shearing well, displays deep green lustrous foliage. Good pollen producer for nearby female hollies. Evergreen.


Holly 'China Girl'

  • Evergreen shrub produces bright red berries with 'China Boy' as a pollinator
  • White flowers in eary spring
  • Attracts birds and is deer resistant
  • Makes for a nice privacy screen

Holly 'Dragon Lady'

The Dragon Lady holly has beautiful glossy dark green foliage. Its narrow width makes it an excellent vertical accent or can be used as a hedge or screen. This female holly will need a nearby male pollinator, such as 'Blue Prince' to set berries. The red berries attract birds and other wildlife.

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