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Holly 'Castle Wall'

Compact and pyramidal, this holly can take wet to boggy soils. Makes a great hedge or foundation planting. Also makes a nice specimen for a smaller landscape. This is the male pollinator for the female holly 'Castle Spire'


Holly 'Centennial Girl'

This evergreen holly tree slowly forms a large dense, conical shape. Beautiful year-round with red berries in winter. No need for a pollinator for this variety to berry. However, a male pollinator in the area will produce more berries. Very cold hardy and drought tolerant.


Holly 'Chesapeake'

  • Pyramidal habit
  • Small, waxy leaves; loves to be sheared
  • Makes a nice evergreen hedge

Holly 'China Boy'

Vigorous grower makes an ideal hedge or low screen. Its dense branching habit takes shearing well, displays deep green lustrous foliage. Good pollen producer for nearby female hollies. Evergreen.


Holly 'China Girl'

  • Evergreen shrub produces bright red berries with 'China Boy' as a pollinator
  • White flowers in eary spring
  • Attracts birds and is deer resistant
  • Makes for a nice privacy screen

Holly 'Dragon Lady'

The Dragon Lady holly has beautiful glossy dark green foliage. Its narrow width makes it an excellent vertical accent or can be used as a hedge or screen. This female holly will need a nearby male pollinator, such as 'Blue Prince' to set berries. The red berries attract birds and other wildlife.


Holly 'Dwarf Yaupon'

  • This compact selection needs little pruning to keep its symmetrical shape
  • Plant along borders and in front of tall flowers
  • Great winter foliage interest
  • Can tolerate very wet areas

Holly 'Golden Helleri'

This low-spreading broadleaf evergreen with small leaves and compact growth habit has made Holly Golden Helleri a popular landscape plant. Super yellow color when grown in full sun makes it an attractive hedge or foundation plant. Adaptable to seashore conditions.

Holly 'Green Lustre'

  • Evergreen shrub with dark glossy leaves
  • Compact and hardy makes it a perfect plant for a hedge or a foundation
  • Produces black berries in the fall

Holly 'Helleri'

  • Dwarf evergreen Japanese holly
  • Low growing and very compact shrub grows wider than tall
  • Great for growing under low windows, around decks and along walkways
  • Produces black berries in fall
  • Deer resistant

Holly 'Hetzi'

  • Dense, wide spreading evergreen shrub
  • Makes an excellent privacy hedge
  • Vigorous grower but can be pruned anytime to control the size and shape
  • Very low maintenance

Holly 'Hoogendorn'

  • Dark green leaves that are longer than other varieties of Japanese hollies
  • Low growing and compact, this evergreen shrub can be used as a groundcover
  • Great foundation plant for under low windows
  • Nice as a small hedge

Holly 'Inkberry'

  • This semi-dwarf evergreen makes an excellent hedge or border plant
  • Deer resistant, this plant is an American native
  • Excellent in very wet areas or in woodland gardens
  • The abundance of black berries that last through the winter attract birds

Holly 'Needlepoint'

  • Slow, upright grower
  • Bears a heavy crop of bright red berries that last through winter
  • Performs well as a lush screen or border in the landscape
  • Heat and drought tolerant

Holly 'Nellie R. Stevens'

A vigorous grower, this holly's huge proportions place it in the tree category. Plant several for a durable evergreen windbreak or as a privacy hedge. Produces berries if a male Chinese Holly is nearby.


Holly 'Oakleaf'

  • Hybrid holly with a tall, elegant, pyramidal form.
  • Foliage is similar in shape to that of an oak leaf emerging bronze to burgundy in spring and maturing to emerald green.
  • This cold hardy variety is stunning as a tall hedge or specimen.
  • Evergreen
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