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Holly 'Red Beauty'

Abundant, bright red berries with dense, dark green foliage. A wonderful, evergreen shrub to frame an entrance or driveway. Excellent as a clipped or informal hedge. Its conical shape makes it perfect as a living Christmas tree. For best berry display, plant a male pollinator nearby such as 'Blue Prince'

Holly 'Schwoebel'

  • Wide growing and compact with spreading branches
  • Small, slightly convex leaves
  • Makes an attractive hedge or foundation plant
  • If left to grow naturalily without pruning,it makes an attractive small tree

Holly 'Sky Pencil'

The columnar form of this holly is perfect for narrow spaces of the landscape. Dark, evergreen foliage holds its color year-round displaying purple berries in the fall. Excellent as a vertical accent, near entryways or as a privacy screen.

Holly 'Soft Touch'

  • Small leaved, compact evergreen
  • Plant in borders, along walkways or use as a small hedge
  • Black berries last all winter

Holly 'Steeds'

  • Lush, green foliage
  • Pyramidal growing habit
  • Nice hedge or foundation plant
Holly Dwarf Burford

Holly Dwarf Burford

Vigorous, upright grower with glossy, evergreen leaves and creamy white flowers in the spring. Prolific bearer of large, bright red berries in the fall. No pollinator needed, but berries will be more abundant with another one nearby. This dwarf variety makes an excellent evergreen hedge or specimen for a smaller space in the landscape.

Holly Inkberry

Holly Inkberry 'Shamrock'

Easily grown evergreen shrub. Tolerates moist to wet soils making this a good choice for locations near a stream, pond or other wet areas of the landscape. Also an excellent choice for shrub borders, foundation plantings or as a low hedge.

Holly,  English

Holly, English 'Variegated'

Popular selection with shiny, dark-green leaves edged with creamy-white margins. Pyramidal grower brightens winter gardens with showy red berries. Ideal for holiday decorations. Male English holly pollinator needed for berry set. Its pyramidal form is particularly beautiful as a specimen. Makes a great privacy screen.

Holly, American

  • State Tree of Delaware
  • Ideal for hedge or privacy screen
  • Bright red berries in winter
  • Disease and pest resistant
Holly, Blue Prince

Holly, Blue Prince

  • Make a nice hedge or specimen plant
  • Excellent pollinator for nearby female hollies, such as Blue Princess or Dragon Lady.
  • The beautiful blue-cast foliage is a perfect backdrop for light-colored plants
Holly, Blue Princess

Holly, Blue Princess

  • A profusion of bright red berries fall thru winter
  • Use Blue Prince Holly as a pollinator for berry set
  • Makes a nice privacy screen or can be sheared into a formal hedge
  • Attracts birds
Holly, Compacta

Holly, Compacta

This plant likes to be sheared making it an excellent choice for a low hedge or border. It also makes a good foundation plant. It is somewhat of a slow grower and can be pruned at any time to control size and shape.

Holly, Oakland

  • Pyramidal shaped holly
  • Red berries in Fall; no pollinator needed
  • Specimen tree or hedge screen
  • Takes well to shearing

Honeysuckle 'Edmee Gold Boxleaf'

Shrubby little honeysuckle for shady locations. Cascading habit is great for slopes, under trees, or in containers. The chartreuse colored foliage brightens up shady areas of the landscape.


Honeysuckle 'Major Wheeler'

Blazing red and gold blooms appear all summer and into the fall months, longer than most other honeysuckles. Slower-growing honeysuckle will reach 6-10' in length, just right for covering a fence post, arbor or trellis. Hummingbirds love...Deer tend to avoid.
Hornbeam, European

Hornbeam, European

  • Attractive, columnar tree
  • Dark green foliage turns yellow-orange in fall
  • Great for screens and street trees
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