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Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple 'Bloodgood'

  • Non-dissected type of Japanese Maple that grows into a small, rounded, deciduous tree
  • Grows best in moist, organically rich, slightly acidic, well-drained soils
  • Grows well in sandy loams
  • Site in locations that have protection from high winds. Prefers some part afternoon shade. Will scorch in full sun locations especially if soils are not kept consistently moist. 
  • Foliage is deep reddish-purplish in summer with a crimson-red fall color. 
  • Great as a specimen or accent
  • Tolerates rabbit and black walnut

Japanese Maple 'Sharp's Pygmy'

  • Beautiful dwarf Japanese Maple
  • Very dense compact foliage gives it a bonsai-like appearance
  • Tiny leaves are a clear green before turning scarlet red in the Fall
  • Ideal for a small garden focal point, patio container, Zen or Asian garden

Japanese Snowbell

  • Fragrant, white bell shaped flowers in early summer
  • Dramatic fall foliage of yellows and golds
  • Good for wet or moist areas
  • Slow-growing small tree provides nice shade for small area

Jasmine 'Carolina'

  • Bright green stems make an attracive showing in the winter landscape
  • This vining shrub is great for covering steep slopes or spilling over a fence or wall
  • Unsupported, it will grow 4 feet tall and 7 feet wide; will climb to 15 feet on a trellis
Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye Weed 'Baby Joe'

This little known dwarf species of the taller Joe Pye is native in moist soils from Maine south to South Carolina. In appearance, it is similar to Joe Pye, but more tolerant of light shade. The 4' tall stems of green leaves and displaying dome-shaped heads of lavender flowers, in mid-summer. A real find for keeping butterflies at eye level. Prefers moist soil.


Juniper 'All Gold'

The mat of soft golden foliage of this wonderful groundcover will reach 1 - 2 Feet tall and 4 - 6 Feet wide. It is also used frequently in container designs, where it drapes nicely over the edge of the pot. It’s attractive, hold its color, even in the hot sun, deer resistant and drought tolerant.

Juniper 'Blue Pacific'

  • Low spreading habit makes a great groundcover, or let it drape off retaining walls
  • Dense blue-green foliage is best when left unsheared
  • Thrives in seacoast conditions. Is deer resistant and heat tolerant

Juniper 'Blue Point'

A favorite for a stately lawn specimen or as a medium-sized privacy screen. Densely branched, broad, pyramidal form and blue-green foliage makes this a wonderful formal accent in entrances, especially when topiaried.


Juniper 'Blue Rug'

One of the finest trailing junipers. Has a uniform, full centered growth habit with silver-blue, evergreen foliage. Excellent as a groundcover. Also perfect for cascading over walls.


Juniper 'Blue Star'

Attractive blue foliage on dense, spreading branches. Creates a colorful contrast to purple and green foliage plants. Use in a rock garden or as a low border plant. Evergreen.

Juniper 'Hollywood'

  • Unusual growth habit makes for a very interesting specimen
  • Does well in coastal environments
  • Unique twisted form perfect for Zen or Asian gardens
  • Deer resistant

Juniper 'Nana Procumbens'

  • This evergreen ground hugger has blue-green foliage that sparkles when wet
  • Winter color has a purple tint./li>
  • Wonderful groundcover or group planting on a rocky slope
  • Deer resistant and seacoast friendly

Juniper 'Sea Green''

Compact evergreen shrub with a fountain-like arching habit. Tolerant of a wide variety of soils. Makes a nice evergreen hedge or foundation plant. Deer resistant
Juniper, Andorra

Juniper, Andorra 'Compacta'

  • Makes an excellent groundcover with it's compact dense foliage
  • 3 seasons of color with bright green new growth, deep green in summer and unique bronze-purple winter color
  • As well as a groundcover, this plant is a great foundations plant and does well in rock gardens
  • Salt and drought tolerant, deer resistant

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