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Kalmia 'Elf'

Showy clusters of white flowers appear in late spring on these dwarf shrubs. Useful as a landscape accent, informal hedge or border where its flowers can be enjoyed. Good in containers. Evergreen.


Kalmia 'Firecracker'

Kalmia 'Firecracker', explodes in the spring with red colored buds that open white, then to light pink. An easy care shrub, this striking and colorful mountain laurel has deep green glossy, evergreen foliage and does well in full sun or in partial shade. Use as a foundation plant or wherever color is needed, Beautiful in a container. Deer resistant


Kalmia, 'Olympic Fire'

Makes a nice, evergreen flowering hedge that will also work well in a container. Does well in part shade so is perfect for a shady area of the landscape. Attracts butterflies. A North American Native.

Karl Foerster

Karl Foerster 'Feather Reed'

  • Tolerates wet soil, so works well in a rain garden
  • Upright growth brings vertical accent to the landscape
  • Used for erosion control


Japanese Kerria (also known as Japanese rose) is a tough-but-graceful, spring-flowering, deciduous shrub. It typically grows to 3-6’ tall and to 6-8’ wide. Single, rose-like, yellow flowers bloom profusely in spring. Kerria are sometimes commonly called Easter rose because the flowers typically bloom around Easter time. An attractive flowering shrub for shady areas of woodland gardens or shrub borders.

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