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Items starting with N


Nandina 'Blush Pink'

  • Exciting new version of the Nandina 'Firepower'
  • Stunning blush-pink new growth throughout the season
  • Beautiful fall and winter display of pink and red foliage
  • Excellent in a small border or mass planting

Nandina 'Domestica'

Lacy green leaves on upright cane-like stems turn brilliant red in autumn. Creamy flowers are followed by clusters of red berries. Use in groupings or as a screen. Good for narrow spaces. Evergreen.


Nandina 'Fire Power'

  • One of the best of color Nandinas
  • Brilliant red foliage fall through winter
  • Good in borders, mass plantings, and in containers

Nandina 'Flirt'

  • Dwarf Nandina that is evergreen
  • Holds its red foliage through all seasons
  • Its vivid red color is striking when planted with rich green foliage
  • Excellent as a small border, mass planting and container gardening

Nandina 'Gulf Stream'

  • Very hardy evergreen shrub displaying attractive foliage through all seasons
  • Intense red new growth and striking maroon fall color
  • Ideal use in foundations or in mixed borders

Nandina 'Obsession'

This new and distinctive nandina is an upright, compact, dense grower with brilliant red new foliage, and richer color than ordinary nandinas. Its dwarf size is perfect for containers. Beautiful when mass planted. Evergreen


Ninebark 'Coppertina'

Easy to grow, North American NATIVE with coppery-orange foliage all season long. Pale pink flowers in mid-summer. A real stand-out in the landscape. Adaptable to all soils. Best if pruned immediately after flowering. Deciduous


Ninebark 'Summer Wine'

Rich, dark purple foliage all season and soft pink flowers in late spring. Adaptable. Easy to grow. Native. Great as a landscape shrub and as a cut flower. Good in groupings and masses, perennial and shrub borders.


Ninebark 'Tiny Wine'

This dwarf variety of the ninebark is extra bushy with dark bronze-maroon foliage that holds its color all season. In spring, the pinkish-white flowers bloom up and down the stems displaying a beautiful contrast against the dark foliage. Geat choice for patio containers.

Nishiki Willow Tree

Nishiki Willow Tree

  • Top grafted on standard tree
  • Striking pink and white cascading foliage
  • Focal point in an Asian garden
  • Tolerates very wet conditions as with other willows

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