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Plumbago (hardy)

Plumbago (hardy)

  • Long blooming plant makes an excellent groundcover for sunny to partly shaded areas of the landscape
  • Great for bulb interplanting, as foliage emerges when bulbs are dying back
  • Also good as an underplanting for shrubs

Potentilla 'Goldfinger'

The Potentilla Goldfinger is a gorgeous, compact shrub. Its brilliant golden yellow flowers are nearly two inches across and bloom all summer. The Goldfinger's compact mounding form makes it a perfect choice as a border, low hedge or an accent piece in your garden.


Privet 'Wax Leaf'

  • Dark green waxy leaves
  • Vigorous growing evergreen
  • White flowers in mid-summer
  • Excellent for a lower cost privacy hedge

Purple Love

  • Fluffy clouds of bronze-red plumes are soft and subtle in the sunlight.
  • Light green foliage in summer turns to a bronzy - red in fall.
  • Irresistible texture plant for the late summer garden.
Pussy Willow, Weeping

Pussy Willow, Weeping

  • Weeping branches on a top grafted tree
  • Furry, gayish catkins in mid to early spring
  • Tolerates wet conditions
  • Adds uniqueness to any landscape
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