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Scabiosa 'Pink Mist'

  • Great in a grouping or mass planting
  • Dwarf habit works well as a border plant
  • Showy flowers attract butterflies
Scotch Broom

Scotch Broom 'Burkwoodii'

  • This shrub has a unique look with erect, green foliage
  • Bushy and hardy with garnet-red  flowers
  • Highly tolerant of poor soils
  • Makes a nice hedge
Scotch Broom

Scotch Broom 'Lena'

An eye-catching evergreen shrub with an interesting texture. Abundant sprays of fragrant, lemon-yellow and ruby red flowers cover its slender, green stems. The leaves are tiny and inconspicuous. Small, pea pod fruits follow the spring flowers.



  • Great plant for any hot, dry location
  • Evergreen
  • Looks great in rock gardens
  • Perfect for containers

Sedum 'Angelina'

  • Excellent groundcover. Will naturalize
  • Effective in hanging baskets since it will trail
  • Good plant for sunny, dry locations
  • Nice fall color

Serviceberry 'Autumn Brilliance'

  • Clusters of showy white flowers in early spring
  • Sometimes call the 'Shadbush,' because it blooms when the 'Shad' run
  • Edible fruit in June attracts the birds
  • Tolerates very wet conditions
Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy

  • Mainstay of a perennial border
  • Good for cut flowers
  • Attracts butterflies
  • Deer and rabbit resistant
Skimmia (Female)

Skimmia (Female)

  • Attractive displays of fragrant, white flowers in the spring followed by bright red berries when pollenized with a nearby male
  • Perfect for a low, evergreen hedge
  • Also good in containers
Skimmia (Male)

Skimmia (Male)

  • This compact evergreen shrub makes a nice hedge
  • Has creamy-white fragrant flowers in the spring
  • Mostly grown to pollenize female Skimmias

Smoketree 'Golden Spirit'

Spectacular foliage emerges lime green and matures to brilliant gold and then coral, orange and red in fall. Smoke-like plumes of pale pink flowers add interest. The foliage will not scorch in the sun unless conditions are extremely dry. This outstanding three season specimen should become a featured focal point. Use in shrub borders for late season interest. Deciduous

Smoketree 'Royal Purple'

  • Purple leaves all summer...deeper color in fall
  • Small, slow growing tree perfect for small areas or containers
  • The flowers give off a unique look of a cloud of smoke

Spiraea 'Double Play Blue Kazoo'

Cool blue foliage is a beautiful contrast to the crisp white blooms. This neat, mounded shrub is a perfect addition the the landscape. Foliage turns a rich red in the fall. Attracts hummingbirds and is deer resistant.


Spiraea 'Double Play Gold'

  • Bright green foliage contrasts with hot pink spring flowers
  • Neat compact habit perfect for foundation plantings
  • Attracts butterflies and is deer resistant. Deciduous

Spiraea 'Goldmound'

Vibrant golden spring foliage, accented by clusters of pink flowers, cools to a yellowish green in summer then a rich, yellowish orange in fall. Great color addition to the shrub or perennial border or for brightening the container garden. Deciduous.


Spiraea 'Neon Flash'

Bright, neon pinkish-red flowers appear over a long period and are offset by a neat mound of rich green foliage that becomes dark burgundy in fall. Creates a colorful low hedge or mass planting. Deciduous.


Spiraea 'Vanhouttei'

Commonly known as 'bridalwreath spirea', this vase-shaped, deciduous shrub displays an abundance of tiny white flowers in the spring. Branches arching to the ground makes it an excellent flowering hedge or accent shrub. Tolerates many soil conditions. Prune immediately after flowering if needed or desired.

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