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Spruce 'Gowdy'

  • Makes a nice specimen or accent tree
  • Good as a small screen
  • Slow grower

Spruce 'Howell Bi-color Dwarf'

This dwarf spruce has attractive green foliage with contrasting silver-blue undersides. The violet-purple cones are abundant in mid-spring. This small evergreen makes an excellent accent or planted as a border.


Spruce 'Jean's Dilly'

Miniature version of the dwarf alberta spruce. This narrow evergreen tree grows only 2 - 4 inches a year. Its perfect cone shape never needs to be sheared. Great choice for rock gardens and containers.

Spruce,  Colorado Blue

Spruce, Colorado Blue 'Fat Albert'

This superb evergreen conifer has rich blue foliage. Its dense-branching, pyradmidal form makes a wonderful living Christmas tree. An excellent landscape choice. Perfect for a windbreak or privacy.
Spruce, Colorado

Spruce, Colorado 'Baby Blue'

  • Brilliant silver-blue needles
  • Dense pyramidal growing habit
  • Very slow grower, growing only 8 inches per year
  • Small specimen tree sometimes used as a Christmas tree
Spruce, Colorado

Spruce, Colorado 'Weeping'

  • Very showy blue color
  • Unique weeping habit
  • Makes a nice focal point specimen
Spruce, Colorado Blue

Spruce, Colorado Blue 'Montgomery'

  • Beautiful, powder blue foliage. Excellent as a small specimen or accent
  • Works well in rock gardens
  • Deer and rabbit resistant
Spruce, Dwarf Alberta

Spruce, Dwarf Alberta

  • A perfect cone- shaped dwarf conifer
  • Excellent as a container plant or miniature Christmas tree
  • Attracts birds, is deer resistant, and can take wet conditions
Spruce, Globosa Colorado Blue

Spruce, Globosa Colorado Blue

  • Globe shaped evergreen with icy-blue needles, all year long
  • Unique accent plant
  • Perfect in an Asian or Zen garden
  • Attracts birds and is deer resistant
Spruce, Gold Tip

Spruce, Gold Tip

  • Makes a unique looking specimen with its golden tips
  • Very slow grower
  • Tolerates shade
  • Deer resistant
Spruce, Norway

Spruce, Norway 'Pusch'

Dwarf spreading evergreen loaded with tiny cones. Excellent small border plant. When mass planted, attracts birds for nesting. Good woodland garden specimen.

Spruce, Serbian Omorika

Spruce, Serbian Omorika

This is a narrow, pyramidal tree with pendant branches that ascend at the tips. Flattened bright green needles have silvery undersides. Interesting bark pattern. Cones (to 2 1/2" long) emerge violet purple then mature to yellowish brown.
Spruce, Weeping

Spruce, Weeping

  • Dark green needles
  • Good weeping habit with a little twist
  • Sets small reddish cones
  • Very nice specimen for vertical accent

St. John's Wort 'Albury Purple'

  • A beautiful, dusky-purple leaved semi-evergreen
  • The mid-summer yellow flowers are excellent in cut bouquets
  • In fall, berries start out pink, then red, then black
  • A great container plant
St. John

St. John's Wort 'Blue Velvet'

This St. John's Wort has attractive blue-velvet leaves that are very aromatic. The golden-yellow flowers are striking against the blue foliage. Very tolerant of hot, dry, sunny locations.

St. John

St. John's Wort 'Hidcote'

Deciduous shrub used in borders or as an informal hedge. This smaller variety is striking when massed as a groundcover. Some folklore:  In ancient times these plants were burned to ward off evil spirits on the eve of St. John's Day.

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