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St. John

St. John's Wort 'Sunny Boulevard'

  • Hardy plant will do well in a container
  • Great for adding bright color to the garden or in the landscape
  • Lovely border plant or small hedge
Stewartia, Upright Fragrant

Stewartia, Upright Fragrant

Great focal point for a smaller area. With a smaller spread, this tree can be planted right outside a window so it can be enjoyed year-round, with its peeling bark in winter, fragrant, white flowers in spring, and beautiful fall foliage.


Strictus 'Porcupine'

  • Green foliage is highlighted by dramatic horizontal golden bands.
  • Reddish bronze plumes in summer.
  • Suitable as a specimen or plant in groups
  • Deer resistant

Sumac 'Gro-Low Fragrant '

Tough groundcover for banks and areas of poor, dry soil. Divided leaves are fragrant when brushed against or crushed, foliage displays excellent red fall color. Deciduous.

Swamp Rose Mallow, Hibiscus

Swamp Rose Mallow, Hibiscus

  • This native hibiscus grows in swamps, marshes,and ditches in the Eastern United States
  • Plant near water features where it will thrive
  • Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies
Sweet Bay (Allspice)

Sweet Bay (Allspice)

  • An aromatic evergreen tree or large shrub for outdoors in summer making an interesting specimen on a deck or patio
  • Indoors as a houseplant in winter where leaves can be used in cooking

Sweetbox 'Himalayan'

Great evergreen groundcover for the shade garden! Fragrant white flowers are followed by blue-black fruit. Tolerant of dry, shade and urban conditions, thriving with little care. Deer resistant



  • Great shade tree
  • Nice fall color
  • Attracts birds

Switchgrass 'Dallas Blues'

  • Striking powder-blue foliage
  • Reddish-purple plumes in summer
  • Plumes make beautiful cut flowers

Switchgrass 'Dewey Blue'

  • This smooth, blue tinted grass spreads slowly to form a clump.
  • It is used for its glaucous blue color, and graceful fountain habit.
  • It is adapted to dry, sterile locations where it plays an important role in stabilizing.
  • Deer resistant, drought tolerant. Native to Dewey Beach Delaware

Switchgrass 'Heavy Metal'

  • Upright vertical form
  • North American Native
  • Great for erosion control
  • Can tolerate very wet areas

Switchgrass 'Northwinds'

'Northwind' is a tall ornamental switch grass cultivar which features one of the best vertical forms. Olive-green to bluish-green foliage forms a compact, narrow 4-5' tall clump of foliage, which is topped in late summer by finely-textured mauve colored flower. Foliage turns yellow-beige in fall and provides good winter interest.

Switchgrass 'Shenandoah'

  • Prized for its foliage color
  • Bluish-green foliage turns burgundy-red by late June
  • Pinkish-red plumes appear in summer
  • North American Native
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