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  • Perfect for a cottage garden
  • Easy to grow perennial with long flower spikes of blue, purple, pink or white
  • Attracts butterflies and birds

Viburnum 'Allegheny'

Attractive, dense, upright grower makes a great hedge, screen or windbreak. Large clusters of fragrant white flowers followed by showy red fruit that matures to black. Leatherleaf foliage is evergreen to zero degrees Fahrenheit.


Viburnum 'Carlesii'

  • Deciduos shrub blooms white flowers in spring
  • Flowers are deliciously fragrant like a spice cake
  • Also has attractive fall color with berries
  • Attracts birds and butterflies
  • Plant around decks, patios and entrances to enjoy the wonderful fragrance

Viburnum 'Common Snowball Bush'

Common Snowball Viburnum Bush is an ornamental shrub that has been a garden favorite for centuries. Large round white flowers will appear in abundance in spring. Some of the  blooms will even take on a pink cast for additional color. This Viburnum makes an eye-catching accent plant for your front yard, or plant several along your house for a short, ornamental hedge. In the fall, the leaves turn a beautiful  burgundy-red. About the same time, the bright red berries ripen and will stay throughout the winter for the birds to snack on... Deciduous


Viburnum 'Davidii'

Showy evergreen shrub blooming white in spring featuring blue colored berries in the fall. Plant more than one for cross-pollination to ensure consistant berry production. This acid-loving plant is perfect for a foundation planting, border or hedge. Attracts butterflies and birds and is deer resistant.


Viburnum 'Leatherleaf'

An evergreen shrub, commonly called leatherleaf virbunum, which can ultimately reach a height of 6-10'. Produces creamy white flowers in the spring and berries in early fall, which first appear red and then change to a glossy black. Berries will often persist to the end of December. Makes a nice evergreen hedge.


Viburnum 'Opulus Nanum'

This cranberry bush Viburnum is a dwarf, low-growing, densely branched, deciduous shrub which typically matures to 2' tall with a similar spread. 'Nanum' is a non-flowering and non-fruiting cultivar. Reddish purple fall color. Excellent low hedge, foundation plant or border filler.

Viburnum, Arrowwood

Viburnum, Arrowwood 'Blue Muffin'

Blue Muffin™ is more compact than other Arrowwood viburnum so it fits easily into the residential landscape. Clean white flowers make for a nice contrast with the glossy green leaves in early to mid-summer. The intense blue fruit that inspired the Blue Muffin™ name appear in late summer and fall. The fruit adds interest to the fall landscape, and attracts songbirds to the garden.  Makes a great hedge or foundation planting... Deciduous

Virginia Creeper

Virginia Creeper 'Red Wall'

  • This native vine has dark green foliage that turns fire engine red in the fall
  • Small white flowers in spring
  • This fast growing, salt-tolerant, deciduous vine is the easiest way to create a colorful green wall along a fence
  • Do not plant against buildings, as it is difficult to remove

Vitex 'Shoal Creek'

A beautiful plant that blooms in clusters of fragrant violet blue flowers over an extended season. Becomes a small tree over time with a wide open canopy and aromatic gray-green foliage. Thrives in heat. Exceptional patio tree. Deciduous.

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