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This is a search-able list of plants that we grow or may have available at the garden center. This list is not a list of what we currently have in stock as it changes daily. Please call the garden center or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a quote.


Bearberry 'Massachusetts'

  • Low growing evergreen spreading shrub or groundcover
  • Pale pink flowers in spring
  • Thrives in poor soil and is salt tolerant
  • Foliage turns red in fall

Beautyberry 'Early Amethyst'

Plant this beauty in full sun for its best flowering and fruit display. Lavender-Pink flowers in summer followed by amethyst colored fruit continuing thru October. Cross pollination and berry production best with more than one. Excellent in a bird garden.


Beautyberry 'Profusion'

Superb shrub valued for display of abundant clusters of long lasting violet berries along its branches in fall. A beautiful addition to Audubon gardens as a late season food source for many species of birds. New growth has bronze tinge. Small purplish pink flowers appear in summer amongst the large green leaves. Prune in late winter to early spring to encourage new growth. Deciduous.

Birch, White

Birch, White 'Trost Dwarf'

  • This weeping shrub has finely textured, bright green leaves
  • Is also grown as a top grafted patio tree
  • Golden fall color

Blueberry 'Blue Jay' Highbush

  • Vigorous growing deciduous shrub
  • White flowers in the spring
  • Berries heavy in summer

Blueberry 'Bountiful Blue'

An award winning variety with the bluest foliage of all! Blush-Pink flowers produce a large crop of large, sweet, juicy berries on a compact, mounded shrub. Perfect for massing in the landscape or featuring in large containers. Self fertile, though planting another variety may yield a more prolific harvest.


Blueberry 'Climax'

The 'climax' variety is prized for its abundant crops of large sized blueberries in late spring. Its earlier ripening period make it a popular choice for homeowners who want to extend their harvest time. Plant more than one for good pollination.


Blueberry 'Earliblue'

This is a very popular variety due to an earlier crop than most other blueberry bushes. White flowers are followed by large, sweet berries.


Blueberry 'Patriot' Highbush

Nice edible landscape shrub producing an abundance of large fruit in July. Foliage turning fiery orange in the fall.


Blueberry 'Pink Lemonade'

So unique! This new pink blueberry provides year-round beauty and interest. Pinkish-white, bell-shaped blooms appear in spring. Summer brings pale green fruit that quickly turns deep pink for harvest. Autumn leaves are bright orange and red. Fruit is deliciously sweet and mild; nice firm texture. Self pollinator, but will produce more fruit by planting more than one.

Blueberry 'Premier'

Flowers late in the spring, so rarely damaged by frost. Large, juicy berries ripen in June and July. Adapts well to hot, humid summers. Excellent as a landscape shrub.

Blueberry 'Sunshine Blue'

  • Semi-dwarf highbush
  • Blooms hot-pink flowers in the spring
  • Berries in late June into August

Blueberry 'Woodard'

Vigorous grower makes this blueberry bush an excellent edible shrub border. Although not necessary, planting more than one variety will bring you an abundance of blueberries and cross pollination.


Boxwood 'Newport Blue'

'Newport Blue' is a nice looking boxwood with its blue-green foliage and pyramidal form that only needs lite seasonal shearing to keep its shape. A perfect choice for small spaces, rock gardens, dwarf gardens or containers.


Boxwood 'Chicagoland Green'

A cold resistant boxwood that holds its green color well in winter. A superior low hedge both sheared and informal. Excellent foundation plant or as background for perennials. Evergreen.

Boxwood 'Green Gem'

A small, lush mound of emerald green summer foliage with some bronzing in winter. Naturally oval form and dense foliage is perfect for low hedges or  foundation planting. Evergreen
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