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This is a search-able list of plants that we grow or may have available at the garden center. This list is not a list of what we currently have in stock as it changes daily. Please call the garden center or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a quote.


Cypress 'Leyland'

Leyland Cypress are the most popular privacy tree in the U.S. They grow very fast and thicken to create a solid wall. It's feathery texture is soft to the touch. Stays green all year-round, giving you complete privacy. Grows rapidly... up to 3-5 ft. per year! Easily pruned to your desired height and shape. Adaptable to a variety of soils and conditions, even sandy and clay. Space your Leylands 6 ft. apart for a privacy hedge or further apart for a spacious property border.


Cypress 'Softserve'

This compact, conical False Cypress has graceful, soft fern-like branches. The leaves are bright green on top and flecked with silver-blue on the underside. A great alternative for Dwarf Alberta Spruce and pyramidal yews. Perfect as a specimen, hedge, or in a large container. Deer Resistant


Dogwood 'Celestial White'

This variety of dogwood is a hardy, vigorous, upright grower and a prolific bloomer. Large, rounded, creamy white flowers bloom in mid to late May. Deep green foliage turns purple red in fall. Celestial is one of the Stellar Series. These dogwoods are crosses between the early blooming Florida Dogwood and the later blooming Kousa Dogwood, showing all the best traits of both parents.


Dogwood 'Venus' (white)

This spectacular, fast growing Dogwood is distinguished by exceptionally large, white flowers - as large as your hand! Summer flowers yield attractive raspberry-like fall fruit. Glossy green leaves will show wonderful fall color. Good tolerance of drought conditions and is highly resistant to disease. Deciduous.


Dogwood 'Cherokee Brave' (red)

One of the most popular American Dogwoods, Cherokee Braveā„¢ offers a bit of extra beauty for every season. Opening before the foliage emerges in spring, giant, deep red blooms cover the bare branches. They remain for weeks, very colorful and attention-getting. The green summer foliage turns brilliant maroon in fall, followed by ornamental red fruits that birds love. Great understory tree. Deciduous


Dogwood 'Cherokee Chief'

  • Popular as a lawn specimen
  • Striking when planted in small groupings
  • Wildlife love the red fruit
  • Nice fall color

Dogwood 'Cherokee Princess' (white)

Fast growing native dogwood tree. A prolific bloomer, this tree produces large, snow white flowers in early spring before leaves appear. Red, late summer fruit attracts birds. Deep green leaves turn purple-red in fall. Prefers morning sun, with afternoon shade. Deciduous


Dogwood 'Stellar Pink'

This variety of dogwood is hardy, vigorous, and resistant to insects and disease. Its deep green foliage turns purple red in fall. Beautiful, pastel pink blooms appear in early spring, and are followed up in the fall by showy red fruit. The fruit attracts birds to the landscape.

Dogwood Kousa

Dogwood Kousa 'Mr. Greensleeves'

  • Fast growing Kousa Dogwood with creamy white flowers making this a beautiful lawn specimen
  • Abundant bright red fruit that wildlife love
  • Nice fall color of red and purple
Dogwood, Flowering (pink)

Dogwood, Flowering (pink)

The Pink Dogwood is a small ornamental tree. The pink blossoms will appear in early spring before the leaves. Birds will flock to your tree for the tasty, glossy red berries in late summer. In autumn, your Dogwood will display pinks and reds for a beautiful fall display. The Pink Dogwood would look great in your yard as a understory tree or planted along a woods or border as it appreciates some shade.

Dogwood, Flowering (white)

Dogwood, Flowering (white)

  • Profuse bloomer with large, white flowers in May
  • Crimson red fall color
  • Some varieties have red berries that attract birds
Dogwood, Kousa

Dogwood, Kousa 'Milky Way' (white)

This upright, vase shaped dogwood tree develops strong horizontal branching with age. Huge, star shaped, creamy white flowers bloom in abundance in early June, followed by raspberry like fruits that will attract birds. Older trees develop attractive, exfoliating bark. Deep green foliage turns purple red in fall. Plant as a specimen or in small groupings on property lines. Deciduous



  • Wonderful accent tree for a smaller yard
  • Fragrant clusters of white flowers
  • Works well as a filtered shade tree near a patio
Ginkgo Tree

Ginkgo Tree

  • Attractive specimen tree or street tree
  • Males are preferred due to the non-pleasant odor of the female fruit
  • Unique fan shaped green leaves turn into a golden yellow in the fall
  • The Ginkgo tree is one of the oldest trees recorded
Golden Raintree

Golden Raintree

A very unique looking deciduous tree with its irregular shape. Leaves emerge in the spring a pinkish-bronze color then mature to a bright green. Pretty yellow flowers appear in early summer. Golden raintree makes a nice shade tree or lawn specimen.

Hawthorn Tree

Hawthorn Tree 'Crimson Cloud'

  • This tree is perfect for a smaller garden specimen or planted in a group as a grove-like border
  • Flowers are small, but plentiful and very fragrant
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