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This is a search-able list of plants that we grow or may have available at the garden center. This list is not a list of what we currently have in stock as it changes daily. Please call the garden center or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a quote.

Nishiki Willow Tree

Nishiki Willow Tree

  • Top grafted on standard tree
  • Striking pink and white cascading foliage
  • Focal point in an Asian garden
  • Tolerates very wet conditions as with other willows
Oak, Willow

Oak, Willow

  • A handsome Oak with willow-like leaves
  • Light green foliage turning yellow to bronze in the fall
  • Moderately fast growing
  • Excellent shade tree
Pear, Flowering

Pear, Flowering 'Chanticleer' or 'Cleveland'

  • White flower in mid-March, early April
  • Profuse bloomer before foliage
  • Great fall color with reds and maroons
Pin Oak

Pin Oak

  • Good for shade
  • Pyramidal growth habit
  • Excellent fall color of yellow, orange, and red

Pine 'Gimborn's Ideal'

  • Small dense evergreen tree
  • Green foliage turning bluish green in spring
  • Vertical accent
  • Uses include hedge or screening

Pine 'Loblolly'

This fast growing pine is often used as a quick screen in many landscapes. Has fragranrt, resinous foliage. Extensively cultivated in forest plantations for pulpwood and lumber. Excellent choice for poor soil. One of the meanings of loblolly is 'mud puddle' where these pines often grow.


Pine 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid'

  • Evergreen with long, twisted, silvery blue green needles
  • A superior selection for a lawn specimen or accent
  • Disease and insect resistant


Pine, Bosnian

Pine, Bosnian 'Emerald Arrow'

  • A very narrow dark green evergreen with upward growing branches
  • Makes a great windbreak
  • Low maintenance, salt tolerant and disease resistant
Pine, Bosnian

Pine, Bosnian 'Mint Truffle'

  • Attractive light green foliage emerges white in spring
  • Makes a great evergreen hedge or privacy screen
  • Is a slow grower and is drought tolerant
Pine, Eastern White

Pine, Eastern White

  • Massive tree when mature - very fast grower
  • Excellent for property screening
  • Pyramidal growth habit
Pine, Eastern White Weeping

Pine, Eastern White Weeping

  • Will crawl over rocks or walls
  • Attractive blue-green foliage year-round
  • Great, unique accent plant
Pine, Japanese Red Weepimg

Pine, Japanese Red Weepimg

  • A cascading form that can run along the ground as a groundcover or be staked to form a small arching tree
  • Bright green needles compliment the orange-colored bark
  • A very unique specimen tree.
Pine, Korean

Pine, Korean 'Morris Blue'

  • Conical growth habit
  • Bluish - green needles
  • Develops pine cones
  • Good border tree
Plum Beach

Plum Beach

  • Exceptionally cold-hardy and will grow in poor soils
  • Yields delicious, small plums that ripen in late summer and are prized for jams and jellies; plant two for proper pollination and larger crops
  • Sprays of fragrant white flowers in spring will attract birds, bees and butterflies; easy to prune; NATIVE
Plum, Flowering

Plum, Flowering 'Thundercloud'

  • Pink flowers in early Spring; very profuse bloomer
  • Dark purple foliage all season
  • Great contrast between the pink flowers against the purple foliage
  • Attracts birds
Pussy Willow, Weeping

Pussy Willow, Weeping

  • Weeping branches on a top grafted tree
  • Furry, gayish catkins in mid to early spring
  • Tolerates wet conditions
  • Adds uniqueness to any landscape
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