RSC Landscaping offers seasonal recurring maintenance for our customers in Sussex County and the surrounding areas. Our maintenance crew will visit your property at regular intervals and remove weeds, trim shrubbery as needed, edge beds, and keep up the appearance of your landscape.

Additionally, we perform regular Round-up and pre-emergent weed control applications to cut down on maintenance costs. As a supplement to our Two Seasons of Color program (listed below), we also offer periodic fertilization of your annual plantings and decorative planters. Call 302-945-5853 for more information.

Two Seasons of Color

One of the most spectacular and property enhancing services we offer is our Two Seasons of Color program. For the Two Seasons of Color program, we plant annual flowers in the flowerbeds around your home to give your property a level of color and curb appeal that cannot be achieved with shrubbery alone.

In the spring, our crew will plant an assortment of summer annuals that are suited to the conditions in your yard. When the growing season comes to an end and fall approaches, the summer annuals are replaced with winter pansies which will bloom throughout the winter into spring. The following spring, the pansies are removed and the process is repeated.

We also offer this program for your outdoor decorative pots and container gardens. This program is called "Four Seasons of Color". Our skilled container garden designers can create colorful, beautiful displays for your decks, patios, or hardscape areas for year-round beautification . Call us or visit the garden center to talk with one of our designers about our Two Seasons of Color Program or the Four Seasons of Color Program.

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