Maple Boxelder
Maple Boxelder

Maple Boxelder 'Flamingo'


  • a fast-growing, medium-sized, deciduous tree
  • easily grown in average, medium to wet soil
  • tolerates wide range of soils including poor dry soils
  • could be used as a shade tree in a difficult part of the landscape
  • foliage emerges pink and matures to green with white variegation
  • prefers full sun location with some part afternoon shade in hot summer climates
  • fall color is orange/yellow
  • tolerates drought, clay soil, wet soil, air pollution
  • not tolerant of full shade and/or windy locations


  • Botanical Name: Acer negundo 'Flamingo'
  • Common Name: Box Elder Flamingo, Ash-Leaf Maple
  • Flower Color: Greenish-yellow clusters(female), insignificant
  • Height: 30 - 50 feet
  • Width: 25 - 35 feet
  • Season of Bloom: Spring (female)
  • Light Preference: Full sun to part shade
  • Hardiness Zone: 3 - 9

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