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This is a search-able list of plants that we grow or may have available at the garden center. This list is not a list of what we currently have in stock as it changes daily. Please call the garden center or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a quote.
Little Zebra

Little Zebra

  • Prefers moist soils in full sun
  • Heat and humidity tolerant
  • Versatile dwarf ornamental grass used as a specimen or massed in groupings

Maiden 'Adiago'

  • Profuse bronzy-pink plumes in late summer
  • Excellent fall color
  • Dwarf size is great for containers

Maiden 'Cosmopolitan'

  • Wide-leaf variegated grass
  • Copper-red plumes in late summer
  • Can tolerate most soils, even clay

Maiden 'Gracillimus'

  • Narrow green leaves with plumes that are tassle-like
  • Plumes coppery-red in the fall
  • This clumping ornamental grass attracts birds and is deer resistant

Maiden 'Graziella'

  • Slender green foliage on clumps with large white plumes in late summer
  • Foliage turns orange-red in the fall
  • Use as a vertical accent, in mass plantings, or as a hedge

Maiden 'Little Kitten'

  • Narrow leaves are soft and slightly pendulous producing a lush foliage clump, turning gold in fall.
  • Blonde flower spikes remain through the winter.
  • Perfect size for containers
  • Good for erosion control, is seacoast tolerant, and deer resistant.

Maiden 'Nippon'

  • A compact clump forming grass
  • Blades turn reddish-brown in the fall
  • Plumes begin rose colored then turn creamy white in winter
  • Great as a specimen in smaller areas
Maiden Grass

Maiden Grass 'Morning Light'

This pretty variegated grass is a great accent for beds and borders. Plant as a single vertical accent or line it up as a hedge. Perfect near water gardens and fountains, as wildlife cover, and to disguise mechanical pumps or filters. Also a good choice in glazed ceramic pots for patio, porch or terrace. Seacoast tolerant.
Mexican Feather

Mexican Feather

  • A North American Native selection
  • Delicate leaves with airy flower heads that sway with the slighest breeze
  • Will re-seed to naturalize 
  • Good for erosion control

Ornamental 'Rigoletto'

Versatile ornamental grass that is clump forming. Leaves are variegated green with white stripes. Small, bronze colored plumes appear above foliage in September. Tolerates moist soils so is perfect near ponds and streams. Excellent in naturalized areas.

Pampas, Dwarf

Pampas, Dwarf 'White'

  • Large ornamental grass that can stand alone in the landscape
  • Very showy plumes of ivory-white that tower over the foliage
  • Plumes are used in dried flower arrangements
Pink Muhly

Pink Muhly

  • Masses of tall, delicate flower panicles create a vibrant rosy red haze over the fine textured leaves.
  • Superior groundcover when massed with shrubs and trees.
  • Adapted to heat, dry sites and poor soils.
  • Deer resistant and drought tolerant.

Strictus 'Porcupine'

  • Green foliage is highlighted by dramatic horizontal golden bands.
  • Reddish bronze plumes in summer.
  • Suitable as a specimen or plant in groups
  • Deer resistant

Switchgrass 'Dewey Blue'

  • This smooth, blue tinted grass spreads slowly to form a clump.
  • It is used for its glaucous blue color, and graceful fountain habit.
  • It is adapted to dry, sterile locations where it plays an important role in stabilizing.
  • Deer resistant, drought tolerant. Native to Dewey Beach Delaware

Switchgrass 'Heavy Metal'

  • Upright vertical form
  • North American Native
  • Great for erosion control
  • Can tolerate very wet areas

Switchgrass 'Northwinds'

'Northwind' is a tall ornamental switch grass cultivar which features one of the best vertical forms. Olive-green to bluish-green foliage forms a compact, narrow 4-5' tall clump of foliage, which is topped in late summer by finely-textured mauve colored flower. Foliage turns yellow-beige in fall and provides good winter interest.
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