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  • Pure white flowers bloom early spring
  • Excellent groundcover. Will naturalize
  • Nice edging plant for paths and walkways

Carex 'Everillo'

  • Beautiful bright green ornamental grass will brighten up a shady spot in your landscape.
  • Perfect for a pop of color in a mixed container
  • Use to edge a path or patio, or plant as a groundcover

Caryopteris 'Lil Miss Sunshine'

  • This plant has shiny yellow foilage with an abundance of blue flowers in late summer
  • The habit is neat and compact making it a great container plant or shrub border
  • Attracts butterflies and is deer resistant


  • Beautiful when mass planted
  • Has a minty fragrance
  • Drought tolerant and deer resistant

Cedar 'Blue Atlas'

  • Large, slow growing evergreen tree
  • Pyramidal habit with bright powder blue needles
  • Perfect for specimen planting

Cedar 'Blue Atlas' Weeping

With icy blue needles, this beautiful weeping evergreen has a dramatic effect when trailing on a fence or over a wall. Prized as a specimen tree in display gardens and residential landscapes.




Cedar 'Silver Mist'

  • Beautiful dwarf conifer noted for its snow colored foliage
  • Nice dense conical habit with drooping branches
Cedar Deodar Golden Cedar

Cedar Deodar Golden Cedar 'Aurea'

  • Evergreen
  • Pyramidal form with golden-green foliage and graceful arching branches
  • A terrific large landscape specimen


  • Unique flowers are beautiful when massed in border fronts
  • Used in cottage gardens
  • Attracts butterflies and is drought tolerant


Cherry Kwanzan

Cherry Kwanzan

  • Stunning clear pink double flowers in Spring
  • Profuse long lasting bloomer
  • Wonderful Summer shade tree
  • Excellent Fall color
Cherry Laurel

Cherry Laurel 'Otto Luyken'

  • Compact evergreen shrub producing fragrant white flower spikes, mid spring
  • Dark- green, lush foliage
  • Nice hedge or foundation plant
Cherry Pink Weeping

Cherry Pink Weeping

  • Graceful weeping habit with double pink flowers in Spring
  • Green leaves turning golden in the Fall
  • Terrific lawn specimen
Cherry Snow Fountain Weeping

Cherry Snow Fountain Weeping

  • White flowers in Spring
  • Perfect as a specimen tree for a small yard
  • Excellent in Japanese gardens
  • Plant in pairs to highlight a gateway

Chitalpa 'Pink Dawn'

This slower growing deciduous tree flowers lavender pink in late spring. The flowering continues off and on until fall making this a nice colorful addition to the landscape. Plant as a specimen tree or in groups along a property line. Can tolerate drought conditiions and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.


Clethra 'Hummingbird'

A profusion of fragrant white flower spikes attract butterflies and bees. Compact habit makes it good for small gardens. Pretty when mass planted or mixed into perennial borders.  Perfect for wet areas of the landscape. Deciduous

Cleyera 'Leann'

Foliage emerges maroon in spring, then stays green until fall when it turns maroon color again. This evergreen shrub is ideal as a medium-sized hedge, both natural or sheared. Tall enough to provide dense privacy..does well in shady areas of the landscape.
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