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  • Pure white flowers bloom early spring
  • Excellent groundcover. Will naturalize
  • Nice edging plant for paths and walkways

Carex 'Everillo'

  • Beautiful bright green ornamental grass will brighten up a shady spot in your landscape.
  • Perfect for a pop of color in a mixed container
  • Use to edge a path or patio, or plant as a groundcover

Caryopteris 'Lil Miss Sunshine'

  • This plant has shiny yellow foilage with an abundance of blue flowers in late summer
  • The habit is neat and compact making it a great container plant or shrub border
  • Attracts butterflies and is deer resistant

Caryopteris 'Petit Bleu'

  • Tight, compact growth with dark glossy foliage and deep blue flowers
  • Blooms late summer through fall
  • The beautiful, deep blue flowers contrast nicely with many popular fall flowers and shrubs


  • Beautiful when mass planted
  • Has a minty fragrance
  • Drought tolerant and deer resistant

Cedar 'Blue Atlas'

  • Large, slow growing evergreen tree
  • Pyramidal habit with bright powder blue needles
  • Perfect for specimen planting

Cedar 'Blue Atlas' Weeping

With icy blue needles, this beautiful weeping evergreen has a dramatic effect when trailing on a fence or over a wall. Prized as a specimen tree in display gardens and residential landscapes.




Cedar 'Silver Mist'

  • Beautiful dwarf conifer noted for its snow colored foliage
  • Nice dense conical habit with drooping branches
Cedar Atlantica

Cedar Atlantica 'Hortsman'

  • Semi-dwarf selection with densly spaced icy-blue needles
  • Interesting irregular growth habit
  • Great for a limited space
Cedar Deodara

Cedar Deodara 'Kashmir'

  • Adds unique character to a large landscape with its elegant arching branches and blue-green foliage
  • Makes a graceful specimen or accent tree
Cedar Deodara Golden Cedar

Cedar Deodara Golden Cedar 'Auera'

  • Evergreen
  • Pyramidal form with golden-green foliage and graceful arching branches
  • A terrific large landscape specimen


  • Unique flowers are beautiful when massed in border fronts
  • Used in cottage gardens
  • Attracts butterflies and is drought tolerant


Cherry Kwanzsan

Cherry Kwanzsan

  • Stunning clear pink double flowers in Spring
  • Profuse long lasting bloomer
  • Wonderful Summer shade tree
  • Excellent Fall color
Cherry Laurel

Cherry Laurel 'Otto Luyken'

  • Compact evergreen shrub producing fragrant white flower spikes, mid spring
  • Dark- green, lush foliage
  • Nice hedge or foundation plant
Cherry Pink Weeping

Cherry Pink Weeping

  • Graceful weeping habit with double pink flowers in Spring
  • Green leaves turning golden in the Fall
  • Terrific lawn specimen
Cherry Snow Fountain Weeping

Cherry Snow Fountain Weeping

  • White flowers in Spring
  • Perfect as a specimen tree for a small yard
  • Excellent in Japanese gardens
  • Plant in pairs to highlight a gateway
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