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Items starting with Y



  • Great for a cottage garden
  • Naturalize in a sunny area such as a meadow
  • Fragrant flower clusters attract hummingbirds

Yew 'Densiformis'

  • Lush dark green foliage backs scarlet berries
  • Very hardy to wind and cold temperatures;tolerates shearing well
  • Low spreading shrub excellent for a hedge, screen or border
  • Evergreen

Yew 'Hatfield'

Excellent evergreen shrub for a tall hedge. Long upright growing branches form a narrow, columnar habit. Takes well to shearing. Seacoast tolerant.


Yew 'Plum'

  • Versatile shrub with dark green, flat needles
  • Grows and trails along the ground like a ground cover
  • Makes an attractive mass planting
  • Excellent for planting under trees or other shady areas
  • Deer resistant
Yew, Capitata

Yew, Capitata

  • Excellent as a specimen or as an evergreen hedge
  • Attractive reddish colored exfoliating bark
  • Great as a windbreak
Yew, English

Yew, English 'Repandens'

Exceptional choice for sun or shade. Its arching branches display a graceful form if left un-pruned. If pruned, it becomes an attractive evergreen hedge. Works well in any landscape.

Yew, Plum Fastigata

Yew, Plum Fastigata

An extremely useful evergreen for sun or shade. Most commonly used for hedging purposes since it takes shearing well. Pair them up for each side of an entryway for a stately look.


Yucca 'Bright Edge'

This is a smaller variety of Yucca with bright green leaves edged in creamy white. Late spring spikes of white bell shaped flowers reach 3'. It is extremely hardy, drought-tolerant, and deer-resistant. It will create a n interesting textured statement in a garden bed or planted in containers.

Yucca 'Color Guard'

  • Evergreen with colorful variegated foliage
  • Great for erosion control
  • Fragrant white flowers attract butterfies
  • Is deer and rabbit resistant

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