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Cypress 'Verdoni'

  • Very slow grower
  • Excellent golden color
  • Great as a specimen in a rock garden or as a smaller focal point
  • Makes a great container shrub

Cypress 'Vintage Gold'

  • Neat compact evergreen shrub with a mounding growth habit
  • Beautiful,golden foliage
  • This compact shrub brings a colorful year-round presence to front beds and borders
Cypress Golden Hinoki

Cypress Golden Hinoki 'Crippsii'

  • One of the best of the yellow conifers
  • Brilliant yellow/golden sprays of foliage
  • Upright conical growth habit
  • Beautiful specimen as a focal point
Cypress Gracilis

Cypress Gracilis 'Hinoki Cypress'

  • Open-branched, pyramidal evergreen shrub
  • Deep-green tiny needles with reddish green new growth in the winter
  • Excellent shrub for screens, hedges and background plantings
Cypress, Hinoki

Cypress, Hinoki 'Fernspray Gold'

Golden color stands out in the winter landscape. Adds an interesting Asian look to the garden. Excellent in large planters as an entryway accent. Slow grower. Evergreen.

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