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This is a search-able list of plants that we grow or may have available at the garden center. This list is not a list of what we currently have in stock as it changes daily. Please call the garden center or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a quote.

Mimosa 'Summer Chocolate'

This fast growing deciduous tree has a wide canopy with beautifel bronze, fern-like leaves that deepen to a rich chocolate-burgundy color in the summer. Clusters of pink, powderpuff-like flowers appear in late summer, attracting butterflies.

Nishiki Willow Tree

Nishiki Willow Tree

  • Top grafted on standard tree
  • Striking pink and white cascading foliage
  • Focal point in an Asian garden
  • Tolerates very wet conditions as with other willows

Oak 'Willow'

  • A handsome Oak with willow-like leaves
  • Light green foliage turning yellow to bronze in the fall
  • Moderately fast growing
  • Excellent shade tree
Pin Oak

Pin Oak

  • Good for shade
  • Pyramidal growth habit
  • Excellent fall color of yellow, orange, and red
Pine Bosnian

Pine Bosnian 'Mint Truffle'

  • Attractive light green foliage emerges white in spring
  • Makes a great evergreen hedge or privacy screen
  • Is a slow grower and is drought tolerant
Pine, Bosnian

Pine, Bosnian

  • Great as an evergreen shade tree due to its large size
  • Also make a nice screen or windbreak
Pine, Eastern White

Pine, Eastern White

  • Massive tree when mature - very fast grower
  • Excellent for property screening
  • Pyramidal growth habit
Plum, Flowering

Plum, Flowering 'Thundercloud'

  • Pink flowers in early Spring; very profuse bloomer
  • Dark purple foliage all season
  • Great contrast between the pink flowers against the purple foliage
  • Attracts birds
Pussy Willow, Weeping

Pussy Willow, Weeping

  • Weeping branches on a top grafted tree
  • Furry, gayish catkins in mid to early spring
  • Tolerates wet conditions
  • Adds uniqueness to any landscape

Redbud 'Forest Pansy'

  • Brilliant red-purple new foliage turns to deep green by summer
  • Early spring bloomer with a profusion of red-purple flowers
  • Excellent spring accent tree.

Redbud 'Weeping Ruby Falls'

This weeping redbud has beautiful deep lavender flowers which are striking against the maroon-red leaves. The leaves retain their color all summerand in winter, this unique redbud offers an elegant bare silouette.

Redbud, Eastern

Redbud, Eastern

  • Purple-pink flowers in spring
  • Medium-sized specimen tree
  • Native to eastern United States
Redbud, Eastern

Redbud, Eastern 'Appalachian Red'

  • This beautiful tree with its fuschia flowers and attractive foliage makes an excellent addition to any landscape
  • Nice understory or street tree

Serviceberry 'Autumn Brilliance'

  • Clusters of showy white flowers in early spring
  • Sometimes call the 'Shadbush,' because it blooms when the 'Shad' run
  • Edible fruit in June attracts the birds
  • Tolerates very wet conditions

Smoketree 'Golden Spirit'

Spectacular foliage emerges lime green and matures to brilliant gold and then coral, orange and red in fall. Smoke-like plumes of pale pink flowers add interest. The foliage will not scorch in the sun unless conditions are extremely dry. This outstanding three season specimen should become a featured focal point. Use in shrub borders for late season interest. Deciduous

Smoketree 'Royal Purple'

  • Purple leaves all summer...deeper color in fall
  • Small, slow growing tree perfect for small areas or containers
  • The flowers give off a unique look of a cloud of smoke
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