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Hydrangea 'Let's Dance Diva'

This hydrangea will be the talk of the town with its super-sized blooms. This reblooming hydrangea has flowers the size of your palm and baby blue (or pink) lace-cap blooms as big as a dinner plate. Like other Let's Dance reblooming hydrangeas, flowers bloom on both old and new wood, ensuring gardeners of beautiful flowers every summer. Soil pH will affect bloom color. Beautiful as a flowering shrub border. Perfect for cut flowers. Deciduous


Hydrangea 'Let's Dance Moonlight'

  • Reblooming hydrangea. Flower color will be detrmined by soil pH
  • Large mophead flowers that bloom on old and new wood
  • Beautiful bronze-red fall foliage
  • Nice landscape shrub

Hydrangea 'Little Lime'

This smaller version of the limeight hydrangea grows only to 3 - 5 feet tall and wide. It has the same great flower power blooming all summer til frost. Flowers start off a lime green color then turns to dark pink in the fall. Blooms on new wood, so a nice trim in late winter, early spring will encourage blooms. Good size for containers. Excellent choice for cut flowers.


Hydrangea 'Tiny Tuff Stuff'

Small, yet extremely hardy lacecap hydrangea. Flowers range from blue to pink to white all on the same bush depending on the soil pH. The small size makes a beautiful shrub border  planted in front of larger plants. Blooms on old and new wood.


Hydrangea 'Tuff Stuff'


  • Lace-cap flowers bloom early summer until frost
  • Flowers on new wood
  • Flower color will shift according to soil pH
  • Excellent as a border shrub or in the landscape

Hydrangea 'Twist and Shout'

Twist-n-Shout®, the first re-blooming lacecap hydrangea, boasts beautiful, deep pink or periwinkle blue hydrangea flowers (depending on soil pH) from late spring through fall. With loads of dependable blooms and intense colors, these lacecap hydrangeas have become a favorite for everyone. Twist-n-Shout’s stems are incredibly sturdy to support the large blooms and keep your garden looking full all summer long. Whether you enjoy Twist-n-Shout as an accent or to fill an entire perennial garden you can't go wrong with these beautiful hydrangeas.


Hydrangea 'Vanilla Strawberry'

This hydrangea is truely a miracle of nature with its conical shaped blooms starting out pale green and then transitioning to pale pink to a strawberry red and white. This mixture of color stays throughout the summer and into the fall. This large hydranges can stand alone as an eye-catching specimen or would also make a wonderful hedge. A sun lover and popular with butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.


Hydrangea 'Wedding Ring'

This reblooming mophead hybrid is a winner! From summer through autumn, it sets bicolor blooms of either blue and white or pink and white. They look amazing next to the dark green foliage. It's very low maintenance, with a compact habit that requires less pruning than other varieties. Place it in your shade garden or in a container on your patio--wherever you plant this gorgeous little shrub, you're sure to love it!

Hydrangea, Oakleaf

Hydrangea, Oakleaf 'Munchkin'

Profuse bloomer of large white flowers aging to pink. Sturdy and upright even against a heavy rain. Foliage turns a beautiful mahogany in the fall. Its dense growing habit and size is suitable for smaller landscapes. Makes a nice shrub border or massed in a woodland garden.

Hydrangea, Oakleaf

Hydrangea, Oakleaf 'Pee Wee'

A dwarf oakleaf hydrangea perfect for smaller gardens. Pee-Wee features white flowers that fade to pink, beautiful fall foliage and cinnamon-colored bark in the winter. Superb as a specimen or foundation plant in border or group planting. Deciduous.

Hydrangea, Oakleaf

Hydrangea, Oakleaf 'Sikes Dwarf'

‘Sike's Dwarf’ is a dwarf mounded cultivar that matures to only 2-3' tall and to 3-4' wide. Flowers bloom in late spring and emerge white, gradually fading to light pink. Deep green, oak-like leaves turn attractive shades of bronze, maroon and purple in autumn. Mature stems exfoliate to reveal a rich brown inner bark which is attractive in winter.

Hydrangea, Oakleaf

Hydrangea, Oakleaf 'Snow Queen'

Large 6 to 8 inch long clusters of white flowers are held upright above the dark green oak leaf shaped foliage. Flowers become rose-pink in fall and leaves turn deep red-bronze. Tan-brown exfoliating bark is attractive in winter. Perfect landscape shrub. Deciduous.

Hydrangea, Oakleaf

Hydrangea, Oakleaf 'Gatsby Gal'

This Oak Leaf Hydrangea is compact, however the flowers are far from compact! The large blooms feature bright white, conical shaped flowers that stand tall above the deep green foliage. In the fall the bright white blooms will take on a burgundy pink color for an added season of interest. If you have a smaller landscape, the compact size of Gatsby's Gal™ maybe just right for you. Plant in full sun to part shade and this native Oak Leaf Hydrangea will be happy. Gatsby's Gal™ blooms on old growth so if your shrub needs a trim, be sure to do so right after it is finished blooming. .

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